Meet Tymber

My name is Tymber (They / She), I am a 25 year old Black Nonbinary storyteller. I grew up in rural Oklahoma and currently reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am the proud owner and creator of They Slay! A lifestyle blog discussing yours truly, ME! 

I have always found creative ways to express and understand who I am. Music, dance, fashion, leadership, community organizing, and public speaking have all taught me valuable lessons that have been key to seeking my own liberation. Growing up, I didn’t get to live life on my own terms. I only heard negative messages about people like me, so I learned to blend in. College taught me the power of individuality. Being myself is not always easy, but it’s a journey I’m willing to take. I’m slowly learning who Tymber is- what I love, what I am passionate about, and how to create social change while learning to walk in my truth.

They Slay! Is a multimedia blog centering my life as a Black nonbinary person. I am eager to share my thoughts and feelings around social justice, foster care, mental health, and powerful experiences that continue to connect me with communities around the world.

Whether you’re here for a minute or an hour I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read, watch, and share this content. 

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